Sinsational Smile

Sinsational Smile

Maintaining a bright and beautiful smile is easier said than done. Various external factors such as plaque and tartar deposition, excessive consumption of colored foods, smoking, consumption of alcohol, oral hygiene, etc. can have a significant effect on the color of the teeth. Dull and discolored teeth can leave a shabby appearance on your smile, which may lead to a lot of embarrassment when you socialize.

What is the solution?

The stains on the surface of the teeth can easily be removed using teeth whitening techniques. For this, the dentist uses a whitening gel rich in Hydrogen Peroxide. It is a chemical bleaching agent used in almost all teeth whitening products. When activated, it liberates oxygen molecules readily, which penetrate the porous structure of the enamel and bleach the coloring particles.

What is Sinsational Smile?

Sinsational Smile is an advanced teeth whitening system, which is one of the best at the moment. It uses a pre-filled silicone tray technology, which allows the patient to keep their jaw relaxed during the procedure. The use of an LED accelerating light helps to speed up the process and provide results that last longer.

What are the advantages of Sensational Smile?

  • The procedure is easy, effective, and comfortable for the patient.
  • The whitening gel comes in different concentrations, which the dentist will help you choose based on the severity of staining.
  • The entire procedure can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.
  • It doesn’t have any significant adverse effects on the teeth.
  • The system includes a whitening pen, which you can use at home to maintain the esthetics of your teeth.
  • The silicon whitening tray used for the procedure helps to keep the whitening gel from coming in contact with the soft tissues.

Other Teeth Whitening Options

Patients who do not wish to spend long hours in the dentist’s practice getting their teeth whitened can choose take-home customized whitening trays. In this method, the dentist will scan the teeth and use the data to fabricate customized whitening trays from dental-grade plastic. You can take them home along with a prescribed teeth whitening gel, and use it in the comfort of your home. The procedure is simple, effective, and can be done by yourself whenever you have the time. As an alternative to customized whitening trays, you may also choose disposable pre-filled whitening trays. They are a one-size-fits-all type of oral appliances and render impressive results as well.

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